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Crafting excitement and engagement for event attendees of leading brands

  • Before the Event

    Create excitement as your greet your guests with a beautiful event website and keep your attendees engaged with our user-friendly email builder.

  • During the Event

    Keep your attendees engaged, allow them to network and drive actions to amplify your desired results.

  • After the Event

    Easily collect survey responses and analyse event data to further your business.

The Micepad Experience

With Micepad's end-to-end event platform, have the ability to do what it takes to make events successful. From event registration to post-event engagement Micepad has the right tools to help make your event engaging, convenient and exciting.


Build excitement before the event

Create excitement as you welcome your attendees with a beautiful mobile-friendly website. Equipped with user-friendly email creation tools, increasing attendance has never been this easy!

Easily check-in attendees

Avoid long lines checking in to your event. Provide your guests with a QR code upon registration and let them check-in seamlessly.

Convert Attendees into Participants

Give your attendees a voice to participate and bring your content closer to them. Your attendees can easily post questions, vote and network with other participants.

Measure event success Gain audience insights 

  • Gain Insights

    Gain audience insights in real-time

    Allow your team to analyse audience insights in real-time and take advantage of discovered opportunities to amplify your event's success.

    Collecting & analysing event data has become easier with Micepad's powerful analytics dashboard.

  • Collect Responses

    Conveniently collect & access your data

    Let your attendees complete surveys online or offline,without losing any information.

    Responses are saved on each device which you can upload directly to our server when internet connection is available.


  • Measure Success

    Measure success

    Have the flexibility of measuring data through our easy-to-use analytics dashboard or export your data into the popular CSV file type.

    Find out which materials were viewed the most, the number of attendees who arrived, meeting results and more.

Unlock the true potential of Micepad's event platform

Combine all Micepad products into a complete event platform and amplify your desired results, no holds barred.

see how it works

Micepad creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need immediately. It has also helped us deliver some of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Fiona O’Shaughnessy
Standard Chartered Bank

When we used to do events, we wasted so much paper for printing the agenda and feedback forms. Thanks to Micepad, it has certainly help to reduce the usage of paper. Micepad is definitely eco-friendly!

Edna Lim
Schneider Electric

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