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The Road to Event Success: Attendee Registration / RSVP

May 23, 2018 in Event App, Event Registration

Guest registration plays a very important role when it comes to making an event successful, as it is the front-liner when it comes to welcoming your invitees to the event. Make the best first impression and improve your attendance as you read through the first part of our blog series “The Road to a Successful Event”.


Making guest registration more convenient to your guests

One of the most important factors to consider in making your event more successful is having a convenient event registration process. And what is more convenient than making registration accessible to your attendees anytime, anywhere

First off, make sure you have an accessible event registration website or app to ensure your guests can RSVP using their mobile phones, PC or even their tablets, as we all know, in this modern age, people are always on-the-go. This will lead to a higher number of attendees and your guests will surely benefit from a real-time registration process even up to the last minute before the event begins.

With an event registration app or website, there is no need to print any reservation details. Your guests don’t have to make unnecessary phone calls to know more information about the event, because anything that they need to know will be accessible on the website.

With an event registration app or website, there is no need to print any reservation details to check-in conveniently. There are event registration apps available that give you the ability to scan QR code from your attendees’ mobile devices which then eliminates a long waiting line outside your event. Using the traditional method of paper listing, it can take your guests forever to be registered as your staff would have to flip through hundreds of pages just to check-in your attendees.

Not only you can make event registration convenient for your attendees. Now you can also impress them with a beautiful registration website or app and make the best first impression.


Creating an Amazing and Unique User Experience

Look for an app that can offer an overall branded experience for your attendees. With an online event registration app or website, it’s easier and faster for your attendees to access event information anytime, anywhere.

There’s no need for them to shuffle through brochures and pamphlets since they can already access everything in just few clicks. As long as they are invited or registered for the event, they will have an access to all relevant information. Keep your guests up to date and excited by providing them relevant and eye-capturing content.

Not only you will be able to impress your guests, but you will also make it fun for them to navigate the site with dynamic and attractive colours. Customize your pages with your logo and brand colours to add an additional boost to your brand visibility.

User experience can drive you to the results you desire. Ensure you take advantage by making your guest registration website/app easy to understand and appealing to your attendees.


Improve the Number of your Attendees

The number of attendees is the lifeline of an event. It is important to have a pre-event marketing strategy that can help in establishing rapport with your attendees.

Personalize your push notifications and marketing emails to get your messages across your attendees. In order to increase your attendees, you need to equip your team with the right pre-event marketing tools and have the ability to keep your attendees engaged and interested to your event.

Laser target your audience to ensure you deliver messages relevant to your audiences. Customize push notifications and marketing emails for important announcements that you need to make in lieu with the event. This ensures you have an effective pre-event marketing strategy to improve the volume of your attendees.


On to the Next Step to your Journey to Event Success

Now that you can impress your attendees when they register to your event, it’s time to read our next episode “ The Road to a Successful Event: Pre-Event Marketing.”

Going Digital vs. Human Interaction

April 10, 2018 in Opinions

Name any social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you’d probably have one account with it. But even in the digital world, human touch still matters a lot. Technologies are meant to complement our capabilities, not replace.


Human Touch Matters

While you can conveniently look up for a person’s profile online in this digital age, you can’t offer a handshake online. The truth is, building a solid long-lasting relationship with your clients requires a lot of human interaction. Simply put, you can’t expect people to buy big items online without the salesperson’s assistance before and after the sales service.


Digital Technology Engagement

Companies need to invest in technologies but they can’t forget that we value personal interaction as well. Say for an event, you know you can never replace human interaction but you can use digital technologies to ensure and enhance engagement. You still need your speakers to lead the conversation but you can encourage digital communication to drive audience participation.


Digital Automation

Still, it makes sense that there are some things that technologies can do but we can’t, and that is automation. Sending email updates, analysing registration signup rates and evaluating post-event reports generally require a lot of time which event organisers are unwilling to spend so much time on. And that’s when technologies come in to hasten the process and mitigate the human error.

Essentially, a typical transaction or event can never be fully digitalised. Digital technologies are just tool that enhance our customers’ experience. One size does not fit all, so finding the right mix between human interaction and digital technologies is important.

Ultimately, it’s the people behind these technologies that matter.

Farewell to our Hardworking Interns!

April 10, 2018 in Announcements

So quickly ten weeks have passed and we bid farewell to our interns from NTU and SMU. While there was much to learn for them, there was just as much to learn for us. Having been through the internship program here at Micepad as a student, it brought back fond memories of how we were as a company then, and the progress that we have made over the past two years.

As a company, we strongly believe in nurturing talents that will enter the workforce in the near future. We do not believe in letting our interns perform menial tasks like photocopying and coffee making. By tapping on their fresh perspectives and involving them in work that is meaningful and has a direct contribution to what we do, we stand to gain so much more. We are proud to say that over the past ten weeks, we have seen many new ideas, new initiatives as well as improvements in our processes with their involvement.

So… If you have what it takes, and are keen to join a fast-paced learning environment, join our internship program today! We offer internships in the following positions:

  • Digital Event Executive
  • Sales & Marketing Executive
  • iOS/Android Programmer
  • UI/UX Designer

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