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Learn how we achieved a 4-second (per person) average check-in time for a popular brand's product launch

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Instant connectivity and speed are two of the things that present-day audiences demand the most from events. Living in a digitally driven era led attendees to gravitate strongly towards activities, apps, and features that enable them to exercise the power of implementing a command or initiating a process using the power of their fingertips. From ordering food and purchasing items online to booking rides and hotels to running an entire list of errands using their trusty smartphones, it can be kind of tough to keep up with the endless possibilities that technology continues to uncover.

"Event check-ins and registrations are being regarded with higher value because these comprise 67% of measuring ROI and attendee satisfaction and aid in event marketing strategies for around 26% of event organizers.At the same time, 85% of event planners make use of an event registration app or software."

If an event software cannot live up to higher audience demands for quick, reliable and accessible service, then an event is doomed to fail before it even begins.

Challenges of a "Product Launch" Event

Acquiring better audience engagement was one of the challenges faced by one of our clients at Micepad. We’ll be referring to this particular client of ours as ‘Company X’, for confidentiality purposes. Around 4 months ago, Company X held an event in line with the launching of a new product. Everything went according to plan during the event and they thought all was well--until they went through the event’s reports, analytics, and attendee feedback. They found out that the event was not as successful as they thought it was. Despite preparing an awe-inspiring lineup of speakers and attractions for the said event, they failed to capture audience interest, leaving attendees to give a low satisfaction rating.

Company X noticed a common denominator in all the feedback they received. Several attendees complained about the long, exhausting lines at the check-in and registration site. The reports likewise showed that audience engagement was at an astonishingly low level at the beginning of the event and has significantly dropped as the event progressed.

Of course, this spelled a huge loss in revenue as they left attendees disappointed and dissatisfied that they were not able as well to gain a warm reception for their newly launched product. Now, their dilemma is they might experience the same fate for their upcoming and future events.

Your attendees lose interest and satisfaction, as they wait for long queues registering and/or checking in to your event.

The Solution

Company X then sought the assistance of Micepad’s end-to-end event solutions for their next event. Having reviewed Company X’s attendee feedback on their last event, the Micepad team immediately understood where the client was lacking. Company X needed a quicker and more seamless event check-in process for their attendees. The excruciatingly long lines and waiting hours prior to being admitted into the event’s venue caused audience anticipation to drop and be replaced with high levels of disappointment. As such, Micepad quickly devised a solution which involved replacing Company X’s outdated check-in process with a quicker, more modern and more hassle-free method.

Prior to the event, Micepad sent QR codes to the participants both through email and SMS. Sending the code via SMS helped increased the open rates and thus helped audiences secure the QR codes assigned to them.

The Micepad Team appointed a part-timer to hold a sign at the venue’s front gate. The sign notified attendees to prepare their QR codes before reaching the check-in station. At the check-in station, each of the staff was assigned a particular task to keep the attendance check continuous and quick.

The Result

With the help of Micepad, Company X was able to achieve a record-breaking check-in rate of 4-seconds-per-person. Having saved tons of time ushering attendees in, they were able to boost audience satisfaction and anticipation by 70%.

Compared to when attendees were made to wait for several minutes before they were granted access into the venue, this time, Company X took advantage of the high anticipation and engagement to turn their latest event into a sure success. Event check-ins are truly crucial because the efficiency of how attendees are registered into events speak volumes on how much a brand values audiences’ demand for convenience and accessibility.

The Micepad team is happy knowing that they were able to help Company X gain back the interest and support of their target audience. Through Micepad’s clear, innovative check-in solution and highly precise execution, much of Company X’s core event objectives were accomplished.

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