Event Gamification

Use the principle of games and enhance audience participation

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Micepad's gamification features allow you to use the principle of games to your event’s advantage. Boost competition among your audience, enhance the event experience and exceed your desired event outcomes.


Implement a reward system where each attendee’s points for answering quizzes or joining activities prepared in your event are tallied. Scores will be ranked and posted on an interactive leaderboard. The attendee with the highest score receives a reward.

Lucky Draw

Filter and select attendees based on attendee activities and generated data such as survey responses, guest lists and visitation areas. Then, through the help of Micepad’s live projector screen, conduct a lucky draw and choose winning names from a pool of participants.


Add a vibrant twist to your event with custom-tailored quizzes. Test your attendees’ familiarity and knowledge about your topic. Break the ice and entertain your audience through trivia quizzes related to your event’s main theme.

Drive Attendee Actions to Boost Event Outcomes

Enhance your gamification strategy by adding bonus points for every scanned QR code. Be creative and allow your attendees more chances of building up points for a chance to win in the lucky draw or be featured in the leaderboard.

Live Analytics

Deliver real-time game data and results to add excitement and push your audience to devise their winning strategies more quickly.

Unlock the true potential of Micepad's audience engagement platform

Event gamification is only a bit of our audience engagement platform. Learn what else is included by clicking below.


Micepad creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need immediately. It has also helped us deliver some of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Fiona O’Shaughnessy
Standard Chartered Bank

When we used to do events, we wasted so much paper for printing the agenda and feedback forms. Thanks to Micepad, it has certainly help to reduce the usage of paper. Micepad is definitely eco-friendly!

Edna Lim
Schneider Electric

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