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Create the most engaging events and fulfill your brand's end-goals

With an impressive range of tools designed to help you capture the perfect tone for your business, you can organize an event that's polished and impeccable from start to finish.

Hold conferences, exhibitions, town halls, training, workshops or meetings using the Micepad app and you are guaranteed with higher engagement from your attendees as well as an excellent way to promote your brand.

Event App

Engage your attendees by giving them ample information about your event's agenda, invited speakers and participants. Reinforce engagement and cooperation of your audience by encouraging them to interact with each other and be more vocal about. Convert attendees with rewards and activities that put value on their insights and contributions. Last but not the least, measure which of your event objectives were met using attendee data as reference.

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Event Registration

With Micepad, create an event website that accurately represents your brand. Event website forms can be built in minutes, along with user-friendly features such as event email builder for personalized emails, email marketing to help you blast invitations and promotional content to your guests, as well as SMS and Push Notifications to easily inform your attendees of urgent updates about your event.

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Event Check-in

Avoid long lines checking in to your event. QR codes unique to each of your attendees will be provided so checking into your event becomes more seamless and organized. Print name badges the moment your guests check-in to save more time and embed QR codes into their name tags to facilitate a hassle-free exchange of contact information with fellow attendees later on.

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Audience Engagement

Prior to the day of your event, Micepad ensures you provide your attendees with sufficient information about your event's agenda and participants. Convert attendees to active participants with options that make your event more unique and personalised. Offer event information in real-time, create profiles for your speakers and participants and allow them to search profiles to encourage better networking.

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Event Networking

Drive higher interaction among your attendees and speakers and make it a creative, phenomenal learning experience for everyone. Connect attendees based on their most relevant interests with our intelligent business matchmaking algorithm,schedule meetings and use create discussion groups or one-on-one chat.

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Event Gamification

Micepad's gamification features allow you to use the principle of games to your event’s advantage. Boost competition among your audience, enhance the event experience and exceed your desired event outcomes.

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Event Survey

Get access to over 8 question types and use respondents' answers to deliver a more personalized experience. Don't fret about losing important data because you can collect and access data conveniently even when you're offline. Upon saving all collected data, review individual responses and response charts in real-time to aid you in your future event and marketing strategies.

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