Create your Event Registration App in Minutes

Easily build beautiful event website forms and make guest registration seamless with our user-friendly platform.


Create a fully branded experience

With Micepad, you can personalise your event website forms to fit the look and feel of your events. Impress your attendees with a beautifully customised registration form.

Event Check-In Made Easy

Automatically generate QR codes upon registration and let your guests enjoy a quick and easy check-in experience to your event.

Amplify your event registrations

Equip your team with marketing tools to increase registrations and keep your attendees' engaged even when the event hasn't started yet.

Event Email Builder

Create beautiful and personalised emails that display nicely across all screen sizes using our drag-and-drop builder.

Email Marketing (EDM Blasting)

Send out invitation and marketing emails to your invited guests by simply importing them from excel. Send different emails to different guest groups using filters.

Analyse Data in Real-Time

Make quick to instant decisions and enhance your desired event registration & attendance outcomes through our easy to understand analytics feature.

Pre-Event Marketing Analytics

Understand your invitees better to increase excitement & boost your event attendance in just a few clicks.

Event Registration Analytics

Enable your team to manage RSVP responses and get event attendance insights without any paperwork required.

Unlock the true potential of Micepad's event platform

Combine all Micepad products into a complete event platform and amplify your desired results, no holds barred.


Micepad creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need immediately. It has also helped us deliver some of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Fiona O’Shaughnessy
Standard Chartered Bank

When we used to do events, we wasted so much paper for printing the agenda and feedback forms. Thanks to Micepad, it has certainly help to reduce the usage of paper. Micepad is definitely eco-friendly!

Edna Lim
Schneider Electric

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