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  • The Solution

    Micepad equips your event with functionalities that adapt to your event's demands

    The Micepad app has the tools you need to help you drive higher participation from your audience. With a technology that's well-crafted to cover the 'before', 'during' and 'after' of your event, converting your audience into active participants becomes an aspiration that's more achievable. We help you plan your conference carefully so you can define more clearly what your end-goals are. Event materials can be customized to boost attendee convenience and participation, all while ensuring every single detail perfectly represents your brand and fits your what you envision for your event.

  • Problem Statement

    Conferences become less effective and lose audience appeal without a strategic and well-rounded audience engagement plan.

    Conferences are designed to bring together different individuals to converse about a specific topic, prompt the exchange of fresh ideas and ultimately reach highly relevant and useful insights. There are different types of conferences, each with a particular target audience and core objective. Thus, with knowledge-sharing being the main purpose of conferences, capturing audience engagement is very crucial.

    When participants are disengaged in a conference, less inspiration is stimulated, fewer ideas are shared, and the event's core function is defeated.

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Live Event Agenda & Newfeed

We believe that good communication is an important secret ingredient in making an event successful; and that is why Micepad lets your attendees access your event's agenda. People are now more receptive to accessible information especially on their social media pages, a feature that should be taken advantage of by brands today. Picture running an event but with little to no presence in your target participants' feed. Instead of you slowly collecting a bigger audience during prep-time, you end up losing potential customers and even business partners even before your the scheduled day of your event arrives.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors by showing your audience that you are capable of effortlessly matching their day-to-day pacing. Forget wasting paper—flyers and newspaper ads are now a thing of the past. Use our app to disseminate key information about your upcoming conference to your target audience in real-time. Want to be a real standout? Customize your newsfeed so your announcements gauge more attention.

Q&A Board with Poll

A conference will not be complete without a healthy dose of questions and answers between your guest speakers and your valued, invited guests. Make conversations and sharing of ideas more seamless and inviting for your participants. Our app helps you prepare polls and questions, or organize information about your topic in an orderly and visually appealing manner. Too many questions raised? Did the sound system suddenly stop working right when it's Q&A time? Are your attendees having a hard time tracking the exchange of ideas and suggestions? Fret not! Questions and polls can likewise be posted on the screen so your audience can raise their queries, post their comments more conveniently and keep track of the discussion or activity.

Event Gamification

Did you know that science plays a major role in securing the triumph of a conference event? Intrinsic and extrinsic audience motivation are vital but are usually very challenging to capture in events. The best way to push your audience to be more involved is by motivating them physically and psychologically. Pen-and-paper, slideshows, show-and-tells are already age-old forms of presentations. We spice things up for your event with our very own Event Gamification feature. Our gamification modules let you include game mechanics to different segments in your event. Add color and bring your conference to life with an array of exciting activities and additional materials. Entice your attendees to answer questions, complete challenges, participate in completion stages, share narratives, earn badges, network with fellow participants or visit more booths in your event. The more relevant the activities you include in your conference are, the bigger impact you leave on your audience.

Micepad is an event app that truly empowers

Experience what perfection is like as we walk you through the basics of using our app and be amazed at how versatile our end-to-end event platform can be.

Conferences serve as a wonderful avenue where people gain new information that's vital to their lifestyle or chosen endeavor. A simple and passive approach simply won't cut it if you aim to transform your conference into the must-see event of the town. Instead, modern-day tools that are rooted to the fundamentals of understanding what end-users need, dislike, and expect can give you higher chances of producing an excitingly significant and thought-provoking event.

See how it works

Micepad creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need immediately. It has also helped us deliver some of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Fiona O’Shaughnessy
Standard Chartered Bank

When we used to do events, we wasted so much paper for printing the agenda and feedback forms. Thanks to Micepad, it has certainly help to reduce the usage of paper. Micepad is definitely eco-friendly!

Edna Lim
Schneider Electric

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