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Micepad is an award-winning event platform that helps organisers achieve desired event outcomes


Engaged over 120,000 attendees in over 20 cities worldwide

About Micepad

When Micepad began in 2013, we sought to change the way meetings and conferences were carried out. Changing mindsets and reinventing age old methods was no easy task. It took a while for the idea to catch on, but catch on it did.

Since 2013, we have served a broad range of clients from government organisations to well-known MNCs across Asia becoming one of the leading engagement and event applications. Our platform enables conference attendees to collaborate and connect with one another through real-time modules such as Q&A, Polls, Quizzes, Live Slides and many more exciting features in the pipeline.

End-to-End Event Solutions

Look no further as with Micepad, you can access all the tools that you need to make your event successful.

Years of decorated experience

Most Innovative Startup Award 2013, World Summit Awards 2015 and nominations proving the quality of our service.

Reliable Support & Customer Service

Our team of event professionals are prepared to ensure Micepad's smooth implementation and promote attendee happiness.


Let's Talk Facts & Figures

We have been delivering event success since 2013

3,094 Polls Asked

8,063 Photos Shared

56,280 Emails Sent

86,255 Feedback Received

40,030 Questions Posted

1,500 Successful Events